Sunday Toast

Sweet Sunday morning to you all,

As a follow up on yesterday’s recipe; make waffle-toast from the left over potato tortillas!

Take two of your homemade «lomper» and put cheese on one of them. Use a waffle iron to toast them. If you want to make it more fancy; add some pesto and tomato slices topped with fresh spinach leaves. You can even try with sliced zucchini and chevre (goat cheese) or brie. All toasted cheese is good, right?! If you don’t have any lomper you can also use regular tortillas. This is really the perfect Sunday morning breakfast together with a cup of coffee or tea. Mmm..


Toasted cheese…mm


Add some cheese, put them together and toast!


Use your waffle iron to toast


Meet your Sunday morning with some waffle-heart-love



The easy but soo soo good Sunday breakfast

Enjoy your Sunday everyone and remember that it’s Mother’s day in Norway!!




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