Homemade potato tortillas

Hello Saturday!

Alright, first of all; in Norway we call this potato tortilla «lompe». It’s a Norwegian «thing» and we love it so much! Neither Denmark nor Sweden have quite the same. If you go to any gas station and want a hot-dog, you’ll be asked wether you want it with bread or in a «lompe». Lompe is the real thing.

Lomper is a versatile «tool» when making food. Because of it’s neutral taste it can be used both as pizza crust AND for dessert with sugar and jam. Lomper can even be used to make taco-shells! It’s perfect as a quick snack after working out (high-carb) or for lunch with philadelphia, lettuce leaves, cucumber and tomato. Usually we have butter & brown cheese on or butter & sugar. Anyway, use your imagination and let your refrigerator be your only limit. Give this lompe a try!


Lomper with brown cheese and strawberry jam! The perfect dessert or snack

You need:

5-7 potatoes – 3,5 dl oatmeal flour – a pinch of salt

How to:

1. Peel the potatoes and boil them tender. Mash them and add a pinch of salt and just a splash with milk.


Peel the potatoes and boil them tender (I made potato-mash as well, therefor I boiled more than 7)

2. Add the oatmeal flour (make your own oatmeal flour by using a hand mixer on the whole oatmeal and mix until fine)


Make your own oatmeal flour. Use a hand-mixer and 1,2,3,- there you go!


Home made oatmeal flour

3. Mix together until you have a quite firm dough. Then part them into small portions.


Mix until you have a firm dough you can work with


Love your potatoes

4. Use a rolling pin and roll them flat. I used a bowl to make them perfectly round-shaped.


Make a perfect circle with a little help from a kitchen bowl

5. Cook the tortillas until light brown. Do not use any butter or oil. You want them «dry».


Heat until light brown

6. Choose some topping and enjoy your fresh lomper!



Perfect to wrap!

Enjoy your weekend guys,



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