Keep it fresh!

Hey you,

Last night I was in a hurry and I literally had 10 minutes to make dinner (make it 5 minutes as taking the photos took 5, finding the right light). I grabbed all the fresh vegetables I had and made a salad topped with chickpeas and some left over focaccia bread from last weekends tapas party.  Even though I was in a hurry I really enjoyed this super awesome easy and quick salad. You need:

whatever vegetables you have (corn, tomato, rucola, olives, carrot, leek & cucumber) – chickpeas (either fresh ones from a can or dried ones soaked in water over night) – bread of your own choosing (or pasta, rice, tortilla, potatoes etc).

Mix it up and eat all those beautiful colors!


Colorful food is tasty food & good for your heart


Chop the vegetables in small dices and put in a nice bowl. Top with fresh chickpeas and serve with bread on the side


Mix it up and eat it all!





My kind of fast-food. It doesn’t have to be more advanced than that,

enjoy your day:)



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