Mango & banana smoothie

Good morning!!!

Alright, so fall is here and it’s really starting to get cold outside. But after yesterdays spinning class I was so warm and sweaty that I just had to make a smoothie to chill down. It was a last breath of summer and the taste of it took me back to Nicaragua three years ago when I picked perfect ripe mangoes from the ground. *Heaven* for a mango lover. So, this delicious little sweet heaven contains;

1 ripe banana – 1/2 ripe mango – 2 dl skimmed milk

Blend in a mixer and sprinkle some cinnamon on top. So easy. So good.




Some sprinkled cinnamon makes every dessert look tempting


«If you don’t know what to do, put a straw on it»

Have a great day you all and remember to eat colorful food! *mango*



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