Home made pasta filled with spinach, feta and almonds

Sweet morning to you all,

So, you buy lasagna plates maybe once a year. At least I do and I never use all of them. After a great lasagna party with friends the lasagna plates are left in the kitchen cabinet and almost forgotten. For a very long time they’re just lying there in the box. BUT; time has come to finally take the rest of your lasagna plates out of the box and make your own delicious pasta! Yes, it’s possible.

5 lasagna plates – one pack fresh spinach leaves – one big handful chopped almonds – one block feta cheese 


This is all you need

1. Preheat the oven on 200 degrees celsius
2. Boil the lasagna plates in salted water until soft. Strain water and put the lasagna plates on a non sticky baking mat

3. Fry the fresh spinach and almonds just until they’re light brown in some olive oil, salt & pepper. Now; place the spinach and almond mix out on half of the lasagna plates

3. Wrap them and cut them into about 5 strips. Shred some fresh cheese on top and let bake in the oven for about 10-15 minutes





I served these home made pasta strips with some left over from my carrot soup and veggie «meat» balls. Optional you can serve them with home made tomato sauce or pesto. Sooo good! Try!

Enjoy your dinner guys,



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