Oven-dried Oranges

Hello Tuesday.

In my little town fall has come to stay. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t squeeze the last breath out of summer! These oven-dried oranges has a taste of summer and brings back the smell of late summer nights (at least for me!). Summer is fresh fruit season, but in fall I like to bake everything. It keeps me warm.

All you need is two oranges (optional is two apples)


Easy. Two oranges and a knife


Slice as thin as you can!

Preheat oven to 60 degrees celsius. Slice the oranges very thinly and put on a nonstick baking mat. Place the sliced oranges in one layer on the mat. If you have too many take another baking tray. Optional is to generously sprinkle the oranges with some sugar on top, but this is not necessary as the oranges are sweet itself. I sprinkled some of mine with cinnamon.


Yummy! This color makes me happy


Put the oranges on a tray

Bake the oranges (I baked one apple too) for about 4,5 hour with the oven-door a little open. This will make them crispy and add a crunchy taste. The oranges contains a lot of water so if you don’t open the door they will never dry but have a steam-party instead.


After 4,5 hour in the oven, they look like this…Tasty!


Put your dried oranges in a nice jar and let them be edible decoration on the table


Here is how my baked apples turned out, sprinkled with some cinnamon


These are perfect as Christmas gifts to family, a tasty present to a good friend or just decoration in your home

Enjoy your baked fruit!



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