Sweet oat

Sweet Saturday morning to you all.


Let the day begin with some sweet oats!

Most people might be in a hurry in the morning. Even so, there is no reason for boring breakfasts. Last night I decided to make this sweet oatmeal porridge for breakfast and to be honest, it’s way easier to get up in the morning when you know something delicious is waiting.

– 30 grams dry oats (I use the organic one)
– 1,5 dl coconut milk (optional regular milk or milk with extra proteins like Styrk)
– 1 tablespoon Cocosa oil
– Pinch of salt (optional)


My ingredients, and oh, I forgot the banana in the picture! Remember banana which will give you fiber.

– 1/2 banana
– A handful of raisins
– 1 teaspoon of crunchy peanut butter (I used the organic one)
– 1 teaspoon cocoa powder (can be found at the health food store)
– 1 tablespoon sukrin (can be found at the health food store)
– 1 tablespoon kesam vanilla

How to
1. Add the coconut milk and the oats in a pot and boil until porridge.
2. Add inn a pinch of salt if wanted
3. Pour your porridge in a nice little bowl and add the topping!


Soooo good..This one will keep you full for a LONG time. No better way to start your day.

There is really no limits for what you can top this sweet oatmeal porridge with. There are SO many options. If you don’t have sukrin, use regular sugar or brown sugar. If you don’t have coconut milk, use regular milk. If you don’t have banana, raisins or peanut butter use the fruit you have. Apples, grapes, pear!

Oat meal is high on carbs, so to be full after one portion you want to add some proteins to it. I used Cocosa oil which makes you feel full and is a great supplement for a diverse diet (contains healthy fat that your body needs and wants). You can also blend in your protein powder (chocolate or vanilla) or Styrk milk with extra proteins. The peanut butter also contains a lot of good fat and proteins. If you have none of these ingredients drink a big glass of milk to cover your morning protein intake.

Have a great day you all.


This portion went down fast right after this picture was taken! Yummy!



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