Baked tomatoes

It’s Friday, let’s bake it!

I’m a fan of opening my refrigerator and make something out of whatever I have. I hate shopping lists, recipes I have to follow to the detail and I’m horrible to keep track of time for what I have in the oven. Therefore, I share with you this baked tomato recipe that looks fancy but the truth is that everyone can make it. Easy, tasty and impossible to fail (that’s not even a word in my kitchen!).

This is what you need


Tomatoes, potato, green peas, zucchini and almonds

Recipe (for one person)

– Two tomatoes
– 1/3 of a zucchini
– 1 potato
– 30 gram of green peas
– Handful of almonds (or hazelnuts)


Scoop tomatoes, cut the potato and ground the almonds!

This is how to do

Baked tomatoes

Step 1.

1. Put the oven at 200 degrees
2. Scoop out the inside of the tomato
3. Chop the zucchini into fine small dices
4. Ground the almonds until fine flour (YES, I love almond flower, adds a crunchy taste)
5. Fry the chopped zucchini and what you just scooped out of the tomatoes
6. Now, fill the tomatoes in layers with almond flour and then the vegetables. Stuff until you can’t stuff it anymore!
7. Wait to put the tomatoes in the oven until you made the potato and pea mix.


Scoop the inside of the tomatoes


Ground almonds in a blender and you got yourself home made almond flour. A very versatile ingredient at the kitchen.

Baked potato with green peas

Step 2.

1. Peal one potato (optional is sweet potato, butternut squash pumpkin or mushrooms)
2. Cut the potato into small dices
3. Put about 30 grams of green peas in a ovenproof dish together with the potatoes
4. Add a pinch of salt, pepper and olive oil (1 teaspoon)
5. Now, put the tomatoes and the potato/pea mix in the oven at 200 degrees for about 40 minutes. You want the tomatoes to get tender so they melt in your mouth!


Cut the zucchini in dices and add a pinch of salt, pepper and olive oil!


Fry the vegetables



Colorful food is love for your heart


Ready to get baked


 As born vegetarian I was brought up to remember the three main ingredients for a full meal; carbs, proteins and vegetables. This tripartite division is more important for vegetarians and vegans than for meat eaters. This is because vegetarians CAN be low on proteins. But if you’re aware of this while cooking it will not be a problem. I have never taken any supplements (only alternative herbs as an experiment for better skin). If you want to become a vegetarian or make more vegetarian food these three food different sources should always appear on your plate. These baked tomatoes dish has it all; green peas are protein (plus some extra from the almond flour), potatoes are carbs and then you have tomato and zucchini as vegetable. A full meal and a happy stomach.


Voila! Looks fancy, but so easy. Try it!


Mmm, baked potato and green peas. So simple and good.


Ready to eat!


Enjoy your dinner, hope it tastes!

Oh, and I made this banana-date ice cream for dessert. Recipe to be posted tomorrow.




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