Lets jam, with apples

There is no doubt that fall has come,- and what is better than to use this season’s fruits in the kitchen? I was going to share this recipe tomorrow, but it’s too good to wait!


Put the jam on small jars and give them as small gifts. Perfect for those who have everything

Last weekend there was a local farmers marked in town and I got some really tasty organic apples. The big red and delicious apples looked at me from the basked and I just had to bring them home. And make jam. I like to keep the natural taste from the food, so this recipe has no added sugar and it still tastes like heaven.

Recipe (about 5 dl of jam)

– 8 big apples (I will recommend seasonal apples as they are more tasty!)
– 2 tablespoons of cinnamon
– 2 tablespoons of cardamom
– 1 dl of water


How to

1. Add 1 dl of water in a pot and add cinnamon and cardamom. Heat low at level 3
2. Peal all the apples and remove the core
2. Chop into small and square chunks (try to make the chunks same size. They will then cook the same)
3. Put all the apple chunks into the pot with the water
4. Let boil for about 40 min, until the apples are all tender.
5. Optional is to add 2 tablespoons of sukrin gold sugar and 7 drops of vanilla stevia to make the jam sweeter. Another optional ingredient is fine chopped ginger (about one tablespoon). Ginger will add a sharp taste to the jam and I can recommend it as an alternative for the edgy ones!


Decorate the jar with a silk ribbon! The perfect present to a good friend or family

 When the apple chunks are all tender and soft let the jam cool down before you pour it over in glasses. If you put the jam in a box in the refrigerator it will last for about 14 days. You can also freeze down the glasses or even in boxes if wanted. This apple jam is perfect as birthday gifts or for Christmas. Decorate the glass with a nice red band and it’s ready to be given away! I have to admit that I ate almost all of mine, so no give away from me this time. Luckily the apple season is not over!



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