Green pea soup, for the busy ones!

When you’re in a hurry

When I’m in a hurry I tend to go for easy and quick solutions food-wise. But food in a hurry can still be healthy and delicious! For days when food is not a priority but you still want to make something healthy and tasty, try this pea soup. And this one is cheap as well. All you need is green peas and water!

Recipe (for 1 person):

– 1 bag of frozen green peas (250 gram)
– 3 dl of water
Salt & pepper & cayenne pepper


Some shredded cheese on top makes this soup a winner!

How to:

1. Put 3 dl of water in a pot and add the peas
2. Boil for about 3-4 min
3. Use a hand-mixer and mash the peas in the water. (If you want it less watery add only two dl of water and vice versa)
4. Add a dash of salt, pepper and cayenne pepper (not too much as it’s quite strong!)

I served it in a bowl and shredded some cheese on top (parmesan is perfect) and sprinkled some sesame seeds over to add a crunch to it.

This soup is perfect for cold and rainy fall-days. The peas are packed with protein together with some cheese and seeds. On the side you can either have a piece of bread or taco-chips (as I did) to add the carbs. Remember that you need both protein and carbs to make it a full meal.

Bon appétit!



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