Raw Chocolate fudge

My food background

So, it’s been about a year since I wrote here last time. This blog started as a traveling blog, then became an exchange-student blog about my life in Washington DC, and now I’m going to share my recipes with you. I’ve always had a passion for food and cooking, but now I’m taking the step a bit further, sharing it!

My parents were both vegetarians when they met, so my brother and I grew up as vegetarians (no meat, fish or egg). We had the choice to eat meat when we got older but for me that was never a big-deal to convert into a meat-eater . I stayed a vegetarian and I’m happy about it.

For me it’s kind of a big deal to show other people that being a vegetarian is not necessarily hard. I’ve always tried to match my food with what my friends were eating. If they had taco, I’d have veggie-taco. If they had burger, I’d have veggie-burger. And not the boring and dry type of veggie-burgers (that some of you probably have had..Or really bad tofu that tastes like rubber because they’re not spiced and fried right). For me it’s important to make fresh, tasty and healthy (and sometimes fast) vegetarian food. That way my stomach, health and heart stays happy and so does my friends.

I woke up today feeling quite sleepy but still ready to get up and embrace the day. But the day was not ready to embrace me. It’s too long of a story to tell about all the small things that made this day horribly awkward and just not fun. When it got to me that this Tuesday was working rather against me, I decided to make something SWEET and cuddle up in the sofa watching a movie. So I did.


Trying to be arty about it



– 1 big handful of almonds
– 1 big handful of raisins
– 1 small handful of coconut flakes (I used the roasted ones)
– 1 tablespoon of peanut butter (the crunchy one is best!)
– 5 fresh dates
– 1,5 teaspoon of cocoa powder
– 1 tablespoon of Cocosa oil (I used the green one. This one is a nutrition supplement. The brown one is better for just baking but both can be used)

How to:

1. Put the almonds in a blender and blend until you get almond flour.
2. Add in all the other ingredients and blend until fine consistency.
3. You will now have a quite sticky dough. Perfect.
4. Roll into small pieces and put them on a plate.
5. Put  the plate in the refrigerator for about 30-60 minutes.
6. Tada! You made your raw chocolate fudges!


Ready to be put in the refrigerator and soooon to be eaten


These raw chocolate fudges are full of protein from almonds and peanut butter and filled with healthy fat from dates, cocosa oil and raisins. The coconuf flakes adds a great taste to it but you can also skip this if you don’t like coconut. They are perfect as snack during the day, for post work out or for dessert.

I just made them two hours ago and I’ve already eaten almost half of them!! Try them, you will be amazed how easy and good they are.



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